October 17, 2010


1960 Class members

August 31, 2007


Class of 1960 Deceased members

August 31, 2007


Class of 1960 Deceased

 As of 7/31/17

 1. Jerry Hancock       1964      11. James Rains        1999

2. Mike Riggs               1979      12. Jim Riggin            2002

3. Ron Corley              1984      13. John Weller          2005

4. Lonnie Stout          1986      14. Carlene McNeil    2005

5. Cleo Ditterline      1993      15. Laverne Farrell    2010

6. Larry Russel          1994      16. Don Corley              2011

7. Bill Samuel             1995      17. Nancy Lence            2011

8. Joyce Baggett         1995      18. Donna Riggs             2016

9. CB Vaughn              1997      19. Delores Tyner           2016

10. Mike Mc Gill        1999      20. Ron Russell                 2017


Freshman Senior Today Photos

August 31, 2007

Freshman      Senior      Today

bill-riggin-1.jpg bill-riggin-2.jpg bill-riggin-4.jpg
Bill Riggin
tom-beltz.jpg tom-beltz-2.jpg tom-beltz-3.jpg
Tom Beltz
ron-timmons.jpg ron-timmons-2.jpg best-1-me-2.jpg
Ron Timmons
jerry-cummins.jpg jerry-cummins-2.jpg jerry-cummins-3.jpg
Jerry Cummins
carolyn-bowman-2.jpg carolyn-bowman-3.jpg
Carolyn Bowman

Linda Dillow

joie-gentry-1.jpg joie-gentry-2.jpg joie-gentry-3.jpg
Joie Gentry
jenny-gentry-1.jpg jenny-gentry-2.jpg jenny-gentry-3.jpg
Jenny Gentry

virginia-gulley-1.jpg virginia-gulley-2.jpg virginia-gulley-3.jpg

Virgina Gulley

ford-harris-1.jpg ford-harris-2.jpg ford-harres-3.jpg

Ford Harris
delorse-tyner-1.jpg delorse-tyner-2.jpg delorse-tyner-3.jpg

Delorse Tyner
dena-dahmer-1.jpg dena-dahmer-2.jpg denah-dahmer-3.jpg

Deana Dahmer

donna-riggs-1.jpg donna-riggs-2.jpg donna-riggs-3.jpg

Donna Riggs

arthur-riley-2.jpg butch-scott.jpg

Arther Riley          Butch Scott


Bill Connell

charlie-meisenheimer-2-x.jpg dwayne-lingle-2.jpg jo-ann-bailey.jpg
Charlie Meisenheimer Dwayne Lingle Jo-Ann Bailey

judy-berry.jpg margaret-panzing-2.jpg myra-williams.jpg

Judy Berry     Margaret Pansing     Myra Williams


Carolus Irby


Pat Irvine

Don Phillips

jo-anne-ollar-1.jpg jo-anne-ollar-2.jpg jo-ann-ollar-3.jpg
Jo Ann Ollar
gary-fozzard-1.jpg gary-fozzard-2.jpg gary-fozzard-3.jpg
Gary Fozzard
ken-drew-1.jpg ken-drew-2.jpgken-drew-3.jpg
Ken Drew
judy-beltz-2.jpg judy-beltz-3.jpg
Judy Beltz

marietta-scott-1.jpg marietta-scott-2.jpg marietta-scott-3.jpg
Marietta Scott

coralue-venable-1.jpg coralue-venable-2.jpg coralue-venable-3.jpg

Coralue Venable


Daryl Vesterfelt

Pat Holden






Mary Jane Watkins












Class Reunions

August 28, 2007


1980 our 20th. with 34 present. (By Jerry Harris)

Catholic Church, Carterville, IL.

Front Row L-R

Helen Banacky, Harry Banaky, ??, Irene Baker, Taft Baker.2nd.

Row L-R

Joyce Baggett, Judy Beltz, Tom Beltz, Carolyn Bowman, Deana Dahmer, Cleo Ditterline, Sharon Hooker, KenDrew, Colleen Fleming, Gary Fozzard, Jenny Gentry, Joie Gentry, Joanne Gossett, Virginia Gulley.

3rd. Row L-R

Don Corley, Ron Corley, Bill Connell, Ford Harris, Sam Henderson, Pat Holden, Coralue Venable, Nancy Lence, Charlie Meisenhimer, Mary Jane Watkins, Marietta Scott, Delorse Tyner, Mary Beth, Persson, CB Vaughn, Don Phillips, Ron Timmons, Ruth Reed, John Weller, Larry Russell.

1985 our 25th. with 34 present


The “Blue Moon Singers”

L-R Sam Henderson, Marsha Palmer, Coralue Venable, Deana Dahmer, Daryl Vesterfelt


2000 our 40th. with 24 present

2010 our 50th. with 22 present

50th. Reunion Mug


2005 Our 45th. with 14 present

August 28, 2007

Reunion & Meeting 11/25/05

Fourteen members made it to the Golf Club in Carterville. With it being the day after Thanksgiving & Black Friday, I guess that was pretty good. The ones that made it are listed here.


Steel Magnolias The Movie

August 28, 2007

Steel Magnolias sm-poster.jpg


The Carterville “Steel Magnolias”

Steel Magnolias was started about 1962 by Colleen Bogard. She had the first meeting in her home on the Saturday morning of the Free Fair. Through the years, we have met in other homes. And it is just that in the last few years we have gone to the Pioneer Cabin. I think it is interesting that we have not missed a year meeting since we had the first meeting. The topic of conversation has changed as we have gone through changes in our lives. All the girls in the class are invited to come, and are considered members, however, we have been running between 10-12 the last several years of those that attend, or show up. The guys could crash the party if you want–just like in high school days!!

Coralue Wed, 29 Aug 2007

Steel Magnolias 2006 meeting

August 28, 2007

2006 Meeting @ Pioneers Cabin magnolia_officiallogo_white.jpg

dsc00006.jpgL-R     Delorse Tyner, Virginia Gulley, Marettia Scott, Deana Dahmer, Carolyn Bowman, Judy Beltz, Nancy Lence, Coralue Venable, Donna Riggs


Steel Magnolias 2007 Meeting

August 28, 2007

2007 meeting @ Pioneers Cabin magnolia_officiallogo_white.jpg


L-R Virginia Gulley, Marietta Scott, Judy Beltz, Donna Riggs, Carolyn Bowman, Deana Dahmer, Coralue Venable


School Days and What it’s about

August 25, 2007

A few Clips.





New CHS Complex as of 8/20/2010



8th. Grade Class

August 25, 2007

This is our 8th. Grade Graduation Class Roll. (39)
Courtesy Colleen Fleming.



Old Carterville Photos

August 25, 2007

Baptist Church on South Division 1908


This Card was sent and signed by Bonnie Winters, Jane Winters Woodcock’s Mom.

I C Depot 1810


Carterville Fire Department 1949



Grade School 19??  Thanks to Bill Riggin

Funnies, Quotes & other Ramblings

August 24, 2007


“I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”
–Joan Rivers

“Never confuse movement with action.”
–Ernest Hemingway